Special equipment - high quality of work

Nowadays the construction industry is gaining a high momentum. Various facilities, buildings with sophisticated architecture types are built. All the processes of construction are labor intensive, complicated and require the implementation of new technologies and mechanization. Modern construction equipment and machinery that improve the efficiency of work helps in that, reducing the time to carry them out.

Kinds of construction machinery

Construction machinery is designed to optimize, accelerate and improve the quality of the construction process. The scope of work in this field is very wide, so the variety of used techniques is also quite large. Main types are:

  • All kinds of trucks, conducting all sorts of transportation (land, asphalt and the like).
  • Lifting equipment, none of construction can without them. These varieties of cranes that lift up to a height the materials, goods, as well as aerial platforms, allowing you to perform various high-altitude work.
  • Equipment that performs the excavation work (trenching, excavation, loading operations). Various loaders, excavators.
  • Complementing drilling operations. These are different rotational thermal machines or drilling, drill bits and more.
  • Equipment for concrete works (concrete mobile mixers, automatic concrete mixers, pumps).
  • The machinery for finishing of internal and external processes, performing roofing, glazing, plastering, painting works.

With the help of the above-mentioned special equipment not only the building, but the stripping and extraction work can be performed.

The advantages of using construction equipment

Modern equipment and technology allow doing construction work on more high-level, achieving excellent results in a shorter period of time. This decreases the share of manual labor, as a consequence, reduce the number of injuries in the construction. The productivity is increasing, the costs are reducing, and the efficiency, quality is also increasing.

Special equipment is easy to operate, economical and mobile. Working with its help is a pleasure, easy and interesting. It helps to solve a large number of emerging problems during construction. As a result, all the advantages of the modern technology and equipment allow to reduce the time and cost for construction.

For qualitative and fast execution of the above works, LLC «PMK-77» has a strong base of specialized equipment, namely:

Name Quantity
Shantui SD23 6
Shantui SD32 3
Caterpillar D8R 3
Komatsu D65EX-15 2
ТР-12 2
ТР-20 3
Komatsu D355 3
DOOSAN Solar 210W-V 2
DOOSAN Solar 255LC-V 2
Hyundai Robex 220LC-9S 4
Hyundai Robex 250LC-7 1
Hyundai Robex 260LC-9S 2
Hyundai Robex 320LC-7 4
Hyundai Robex 520 3
Сaterpillar 324D 2
Сaterpillar 329D 3
Caterpillar 336D 2
Kaeser M350 2
Atlas CopCo XA597 2
Atlas XANS 236CD 2
Compair DLT0404 1
Welding machines
Denyo DCW-480 4
Kraz 6510 22
MAN TGA 41.400 6
Scania P360 18
Scania P380/P400/P480 38
The manipulator on the KAMAZ base 4310 2