The construction of pump stations andsystems on a professional level

The infrastructure necessary for providing water, drainage, sewage, constitutes the entire integrated system, so-called pumping stations.

They consist of a special building, fitted equipment: pumps, pipelines, auxiliary devices. Such systems implement pumping water and other liquids. They are also used for the removal of territories and objects of excess water, formed due to floods or accidents.

Of the special demand are industrial pumping water stations which supply water to residential districts and areas, recreation areas, industrial facilities and other places.

Types of modern pumping complexes

Pumping systems are quite different; they differ primarily by purpose, and also other characteristics. Each has certain features that are accounted for in the design, construction, operational maintenance and if needed repair of the pumping station.

Frequently used types of pumping stations:
  • Drainage intended for rainy and domestic sewage;
  • Industrial and domestic water supply;
  • Extinguishing purpose;
  • Surface water sampling equipment;
  • Pumping stations for wells;
  • Complexes of water recycling.

These systems can be equipped with pumps, compressor, axial centrifugal, with an arrangement of vertical or horizontal.

The technical equipment in the engine room is installed to the surface of the ground in different ways.

Therefore, differentiate such systems:
  • Ground;
  • Semi buried;
  • Underground.

According to the method of control and management, complexes can be automatic or semi-automatic, manual or remote control (remote control point).

Professional construction of pumping infrastructure

Construction of a pumping station is a difficult, energy-intensive, with a high degree of complexity, responsible process. It should be trusted only to the professionals who have experience in the industry. This is the company LLC «PMK-77», which will hold everything at a high level. Before the start of the construction all the calculations, design work, coordination of documentation, as well as special preparation of the construction site will be carried out. In this case, all factors must be considered, including climate, geographical terrain, and purpose of building the complex.

The whole process of construction of pumping stations of different types is realized by a method of alignment, when holding work such as design, construction, installation, commissioning. The building is constructed, technical equipment, pipelines, management point are installed, the maintenance, startup and verification work are made. A team of professionals, experienced craftsmen and professionals is capable to build and put into operation the pump station even in difficult geographical conditions.