Steelworks painting as anesthetic and reliable protection

Painting of metal is a complicated process that needs the necessary qualification preparation. Metal is a specific construction material that has a range of the certain properties.

Taking into account all the nuances of the painting of steelworks allows to provide the long-term and practical usage without the paint erasing and colour dimming. Besides, the paint of the steelworks is one of the components of modern restoration.

Steelworks painting allows to eliminate the defects that were visible before and to give to the building an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

Today a wide palette of colors is provided for steelworks painting.

Thanks to the specialized methods of paining techniques, the constructions of any complexity will not only receive the attractive appearance but also preserves the brightness of paints during the full life cycle.

Using the newest painting techniques the bridges, a variety of props, beams and tower cranes look like new.

Besides, properly painted light steelworks or thin-walled structures will be well protected from the adverse influence of various factors during its operation.


The method of painting of the steelworks requires the presence of technical equipment and qualified professionals.

Company LLC «PMK-77» offers the realization of this technological process at a high and proper level.

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