Building of gateways –responsible laborious process

On the expanses of water for navigation the special hydro-technical facilities are built, enabling the transition of vessels from one pool to the next, with distinctive water levels. Such structures are called gateways. They contribute the distinctive heights of water routes to become safe for navigation. They are characterized by the dimensions of the lock chamber, water elevation changes.

The construction of gateways is needed specially if for the ships the channels are artificially created, so-called by-pass. They are needed to bypass different obstacles: thresholds, stones, built dams, dams. Depth before the dam is increased, so the gateway is doing part of the dam face itself. Installed water system at the mouth of the river saves from damage under the influence of tides/ tidal waters, where it flows.

Components of the gateway

Passing through the gateway of the ship is called sluicing. The transition of ships is implemented consistently, after full adjustment of liquid in adjacent compartments. Any gateway object includes:

  • The sealed camera. It connects the bottom channel with the top. It has the dimensions for one and even a few ships. The amount, height of water will be changed, although the position is always fixed.
  • The gate. Mounted on the ends of the chamber a special metal shields. They serve to pumping/deflation the vehicle from the compartment and to seal when locking.
  • Water supply equipment. Used for filling/emptying of the compartment. Often it is a shield shutter in the dimensional gateways used to transfer pumps type.

The stages of operation of gateway systems

Gateway operate based on the impervious gates open, when the camera of the height of water is like in the adjacent neighboring downstream. Water is equalized by the action of the principle vessels communicated with each other. Highlights of the work of water facilities:

  • Opening the gate, entering the vessel;
  • The closure of the portal system;
  • Opening the by-pass valve, causing the alignment of water;
  • Opening gate, through which the ship floats in the pool.

The process of the locking lasts almost half an hour, it depends on the amount of water, as well as the dimensions of the chamber.

The design and construction of gateway processes is very laborious, responsible, and serious. It should be trusted only to professionals.

Organization «PMK-77» is able to implement these processes in accordance with safety rules, building codes, permits.