Modern corrosion protectionof metal structures

In the construction industry, as well as in industry, the steel is widely-spread along with concrete. Metal structures solve a number of tasks: from technical to design. They are indispensable in the construction of different objects, structures, buildings.

But it is important to protect steel buildings from the effects of corrosion, because they are almost always exposed to the negative influence of environmental factors.

Corrosion protection will extend the service life of the metal structures by improving its characteristics.

Modern protection of steel structures against corrosion

The work on anticorrosive protection of metal should be modern, and before the start of construction works. It is desirable to use metal structures from corrosion resistant steels. If this is not possible, to apply a special coating that protects the metal from corrosion. You should also consider cathodic protection.

Anticorrosion work is a comprehensive actions and means which aim is the prevention of corrosion, its removal. It is important to do these works at each stage of construction, production, operation objects. It is design, manufacture of metal structures, storage devices, installation work and the operation.

The main types of anti-corrosion coatings

Execution of corrosion protection works depends on the qualities of the metal, its operating conditions, the characteristics of the environment.

Often the prevention of corrosion is applied to the surface of the metal with a special protective coating.

The main of them are:

  • Metal. Are both of pure metals(zinc, chrome, etc.) and alloys(brass, bronze, etc.).
  • Electroplating. The coating layer is thin but solid, obtained by precipitation of metals by electrolytic method. It is applied by metallization, diffusion or hot ways.
  • Paintwork. Film applied to the surface of paint material. It has a decent appearance.

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