Hydraulic structures (Bank protection) –reliability and safety near the water

It is often necessary to conduct construction work on site, which is located in a picturesque place near the pond. Who does not dream to build a house, cottage or even a small hotel near a lake, river, pond. But there is a slight problem – the presence of the coastline, which is often not stable.

Under the influence of natural factors, anthropogenic processes it may be simply destroyed. Therefore, the question of strengthening of the banks in such situations is important and relevant.

Factors leading to the destruction of the coast

The house, cottage, hotel, inn and other facilities near the beautiful waters – it is certainly picturesque, cozy, and profitable. Having decided on a building, you need to consider a number of factors that provoke the destruction of the coast, which in consequence can harm the whole areas.

To avoid such troubles, you should conduct quality construction of the coast protection, which will ensure the integrity of the shore, keeping the territory. Such work should be entrusted to the professionals in the industry who have the experience and permits.

The main are:

  • Natural phenomena, leading to high water, the water outlet within the permissible limits.
  • The drop in water level because of the existing hydraulic structures.
  • The mistakes made in the design and construction of the shoreline.
  • Violation of the structure of the soil extending the roots of plants.
  • Adverse weather conditions.
  • Strong load on the shore.

Professional work on the construction of hydraulic works, coastal protection


One of the directions of the company «PMK-77» is the construction of hydraulic structures, the strengthening of the shoreline waters to protect residential areas and recreational areas from damage. Having a strong intellectual, material and technical base, experienced professionals, the organization is able to design the construction near the water, in fact, implementing projects of the different complexity.

The main types of work:

  • Designing of hydrotechnical facilities;
  • Preparation of technical documentation, calculation of estimates;
  • Construction of coastal fortifications and buildings near water;
  • Modeling of objects conservation or water management purposes;
  • Construction of dams, locks, wharves, pumping stations;
  • The construction of artificial reservoirs;
  • Installation of lifting and transport arrangements for yachts, boats, etc.;
  • Engineering and technical supply of construction;
  • Implementation of repair, maintenance of hydraulic structures.

LLC «PMK-77» has the necessary technology, equipment, modern materials, as well as experienced professionals in the field of hydraulic engineering and coastal defenses for all these works. We are able to create a beautiful area, reliable complex of fortification systems in the coastal zone, as well as in the waters of the seas and rivers.