The construction of sewer networks and treatment facilitiesin accordance with the regulations

Sewage treatment system is important complexes of engineering structures, that is needed for all places, where people live, work or relax.

The construction of sewer networks is an important and fundamental step in the construction of any facility or building.

After all, this communication is responsible for the collection, transportation, disposal of liquid and solid products of human activity, the household waste liquids and their subsequent cleaning or disposal.

Treatment facilities, in their turn, represent a complex, performing cleaning and disinfection of implements of these liquids from pollution, with their subsequent return for repeated use, in reservoirs, on fields.

The existing system of sewer and wastewater treatment systems

Human society produces a variety of wastes and pollution that are discharged in wastewater. So before you start sewer construction you should determine its function.

It is subdivided into:

  • Household. Diverts runoff from the equipment of sanitary purpose.
  • Production. Carries a branch of the industrial liquid wastes. May be of different systems, depending on the type of production and the aggressiveness of the resulting liquids.
  • Storm. Serves to collect surface water collecting on roofs of buildings, on lawns and roads.

Depending on the localization of sewage-treatment communications are:

  • Internal. Transporting sewage from the buildings in the outer pipe network. Consist of receivers, risers, branch piping, collectors, and alumni.
  • External. Designed for the removal of liquid waste outside the populated areas. Represent pipelines of different materials (reinforced concrete, concrete, ceramic, asbestos cement and other).

Installation of sewer cleaning communications

Construction of treatment facilities of the whole complex begins with the compulsory study of the area, with a subsequent determination of the of sewage pool. Because the launch of this complex works in a highly complicated, it requires precise calculations and detailed planning. In this case, the benchmark is the average consumption of water by people or plant, in accordance with which the pipeline material that is chosen.

The construction of compressor stations is a necessary step in the wastewater cleansing and communication systems. Thanks to the special pumping stations sewage is discharged to the treatment plant, if it is impossible to realize the gravity drainage.

Construction company «PMK-77» conducts all the design, calculation and installation work on laying the launch and further sewage treatment networks. Professionals in their field will conduct all according to the rules and regulations, respecting the standards.