The construction of water pipelines and compressor stationsby experienced professionals

Construction of engineering networks is an important and difficult job that covers all of the communication industry, providing necessary facilities in homes and at various sites. Design and installation of networks is carried out before and during the erection of buildings of different objects.

Modern man cannot do without electricity, providing of hot and cold water, without sewage drainage and heating. These communications are fundamental for any modern building; they help to create a high level of comfort for humankind.

Compressor stations in communication systems

The construction of compressor stations is an important stage in the engineering of communication systems. These facilities included pipelines of different purposes. It enables the receipt and transportation of air or gas in a compressed state that is required for the most of productions, and also for the heating of the complex. Compressed gas (air) is a great source of energy.

Standard compressor station is the compressor wheel which may be a gas turbine, electric motors or internal combustion, with the auxiliary equipment. Some constructions of such facilities requires cooling, often by means of water, which is a set of pipelines.

Systems of water supply

Water supply is an integral part in the household and residential communications of the buildings.

The construction of water pipelines is an obligatory and very important stage in the construction of various facilities, where the people will live or work. It depends on many different factors: where from the water will be supplied, to what extent, the need for its heating and providing of hot one and the other.

There is an outer pipe, which is located outside the building and gives it to the water, as well as internal, which feeds it into the room to the sanitary equipment.

Construction of external water pipeline necessarily goes into the internal installation. This is a complex and multistage process, the end result of which is water supply of the facility.

It consists of the following major activities:

  • Study of the peculiarities of the territory, terrain, architecture of the existing or future building;
  • Design and engineering calculations;
  • If necessary, conducting the compatibility of new system with existing utilities;
  • Installation work, installation of pipe segments, connecting them to facilities and equipment;
  • Commissioning and conducting tests.

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