Responsible and professionalconstruction of gas pipelines

The construction of gas pipelines is a complex, demanding and time-consuming process that must be done only by qualified specialists. Its implementation requires the presence of the project and permits, special equipment, facilities, materials, knowledge, technologies and good practices in the industry.

Drafting of the gas pipeline system

Designing is a fundamental point in any building, guaranteeing a safe exploitation in the future. Project of gas communications is done only by professionals, taking into account all the norms and specifications. Definitely the safety, regularity gas supply, if necessary (repair, prevention) the ability to disable some elements are provided.

It includes the design of pipelines, gas facilities and equipment. Organization «PMK-77» will make the design of the gas system, observing all the rules will hold in the authorized organizations expertise, will receive the permission to conduct construction works.


Construction of gas pipeline systems

The construction of gas pipelines in Ukraine is obliged to be performed strictly according to the established technical standards and requirements, in the presence of permits. Actions are very important, since the subsequent operation should be safe. Having problems is fraught with risk of human life.

The specialists of our company perform the work qualitatively, on time and in accordance with the standards and requirements of the Customer and with the use of many years of personal experience.

Our specialists consist of licensed, highly qualified engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers, engineers and designers from various fields, engineers, highly skilled craftsmen, workers of various specialties and areas of work.


The process of installation and launching of the gas pipeline consists of the following stages:

    • Transportation of the components, their visual inspection. Pipes and fittings undergo testing for the presence of defects checked insulation, matching in size and number.

    • The piping assembly. It is done by different methods depending on the pipe material and necessarily controlled by the tightness of connections subject to external inspection and mechanical testing.

    • Ensuring pipe insulation. Depends on the properties of the pipes, greatly reduces heat loss.

    • Installation of the pipeline. Piling sections is followed by coupling (welding) in trenches or long-length pipelines.

    • Balancing. Provides required position of pipes due to t design marks, followed by their final fixation.

    • Corrosion protection. Implemented together with the design and construction, depends on the materials used.

    • Test for leaks and strength properties. Implemented according to current standards. Often conducted in the presence of the technical inspection, representing the customer.

    • Delivery of communication in operation. I its carried out only after successful implementation of all testing activities.

The company «PMK-77» will hold all the construction stages according to the norms, ensuring high quality, continuity and safety. Also specialists carry out further servicing of gas communication, the analysis of its status, if necessary maintenance and repairing works.