Communication –comfort and the quality of human life

The life of modern society is simply impossible without certain living conditions comfort. The human needs for water, warmth, electricity, information, implement the utilities. Without their presence will not function any building, object, or production. During any design and architectural estimates for the construction of any object must take into account the necessary communications.

The construction of sewer networks, installation of water and gas, the wiring is performed together with the erection of the building. Before laying the foundation provides the desired trenches and holes for installation of utilities.

Types of engineering communication networks

Each residential building, industrial buildings, commercial and public facilities are required to operate the necessary engineering services. After all, human comfort is so important.

Designing and installation work on the launch of these systems, especially the construction of gas pipelines, the processes are very complex, laborious and responsible. They require compliance, permits, compliance with safety regulations. Such work should be trusted only to professionals who have permission to do it. These are the employees and workers of the company «PMK-77».

Types of systems of communication in modern life:

  • Water
  • Heating
  • Sewage treatment plant
  • Gas
  • Lighting and electricity
  • TV, telephony and Internet.

Types of normative construction of engineering communications

Communications represent a complex integration of different systems necessary for normal living conditions or operation. Therefore, installation of gas, water, heating and sewage pipes are made in parallel. Together with this, realized the construction of compressor stations. Each process should pass with observance of all norms, under the strict control of each stage. It can be done only by specialized construction companies.

The construction of wastewater treatment facilities and other communications that represent a single pipeline system should be started only after preliminary studies of the site, analysis of soil. Installation of utility piping systems are rather complicated and laborious process, especially if this is the case, especially when it is about the construction of the pipeline.

Use such ways of laying communication pipeline:

  • Channel pipeline construction Use such ways of laying communication pipeline:
  • Air method, is used for a limited time of the operation of the systems, when other options of the construction of communications are impossible;
  • Ductless option when pipes are placed directly in the trench;
  • Horizontal directional drilling is trenchless method of installation.

What mount option is best to use is determined by the specialists depending on situation and customer requirements.