Road construction

Roads are an important component of any country. They are an indicator of infrastructure, so you need to keep them in excellent condition.

«PMK-77» owns a personal park of road construction machinery. In stock all the necessary equipment, which is required for building both small objects and large ones.

In our organization an excellent staff of employees. The staff has highly qualified specialists with relevant knowledge and skills.

Qualification of employees allows you to perform work of any complexity! Each of them professionally manages specialized road engineering.

We carry out a full range of road construction activities, from preparatory to environmental works. We work on the most various objects – from the highway to the state scale to the roads in the villages.

The complex of road construction measures includes:

  • preparatory measures (deforestation, dismantling of the fence)
  • earthworks (removal or transportation of soil, strengthening of the earth’s canvas, erection of earth’s embankments)
  • laying of necessary communications that fall into the area of road works
  • a device of a litter of sand, “backfilling” basis with rubble or concrete
  • dismantling old asphalt
  • application of asphalt covering
  • improvement of the road and adjoining territory (marking, fences, road signs, installation of borders and storm sewer, lighting, etc.).

Reconstruction of streets

We carry out systematic arrangement of territories; modernization and overlapping of existing pedestrian paths and sidewalks.

The reconstruction of streets is justified by special technical and economic calculations and meets the city planning requirements.

Construction of forest roads

The construction of new forest roads provides for forest management processes, the possibility of active restoration and protection of forests, the implementation of fire prevention measures, access to remote areas.

«PMK-77» is engaged in this construction as well. We create not only roads, but also simplify the life of the local population; travel on the roads of the visitors of forest collectors of mushrooms, berries, tourists.

Construction of landfills