Ground works arefundamental in any building

In the construction of any building or structure the fundamental ground works are very important. This is a key, initial and final step of building. From the correctness of its planning, precision of conduct depends largely on the quality and reliability of the constructed object. The efficiency of these processes affects the calculations carried out accurately, competently written estimates, modern technology, equipment, technique, and also the labor of experienced professionals. All this provides the company LLC «PMK-77», which has the vast experience in the construction industry, as well as the requiring permission.

The main types of excavation stages of the construction industry

Ground works represent a wide range of very important, fundamental steps:

  • The study of area, where the construction of buildings is planned;
  • Planning of the drainage system, its organization;
  • Development of excavation, digging;
  • Mechanized soil preparation;
  • Digging trenches, laying;
  • Removal of excess soil, its utilization;
  • Finishing touches (filling of communications, leveling the terrain).

Step-by-step organization, further digging trenches

Foundation pit development is fundamental, very important moment, on which depends the quality of construction, reliability of construction. The foundation, which is built on it, will undertake the loads arising in consequence from the constructed object.

On a professional level it is a fully mechanized process, which is performed with a help of modern equipment. It is important to observe all the nuances of a particular project.

Based on the huge experience, our specialists implement calculation and digging pits by the following sequence:

  • Geodetic calculations, analysis of soil, available water in it, preparation of drawings with all dimensions.
  • Excavation exactly to the plan.
  • Handling, further removal of soil.
  • Monitoring of all performed work.

Influencing factors on the excavation process

The fundamental quality of the implementation stage affects the effectiveness of the whole project, so the implementation should be taken very seriously. Clearly, you should trust only a specialized company that has decent experience and permits.

The team of organization «PMK-77» will hold preparatory actions in accordance with state regulations. The specialists will consider factors affecting the whole project, namely:

  • Properties, the main characteristics of the soil.
  • The function of the object under construction, its dimensions.
  • Time of a year, climate conditions of the area.
  • The correct size of depth of the foundation.
  • Preparation of specialized equipment.
  • Implementation of the preparatory action.
  • Consistent implementation of the key points.

LLC «PMK-77» has all necessary for implementation the preparatory processes with the soil and the foundation at the decent level. We work individually with each client, taking into account all nuances and requirements, conducting measurements, calculations. All projects are carried out in a strictly specified time.